Many homes damaged by Severe Weather in North Texas. Are you ready to Repair your Roof???

Thunderstorms have been popping up in north Texas this Spring Season all over DFW, As usual, Many roofs were totaled as well as skylights and windows were broken by the enormous hail. Many people are now working to remediate the damage and get their roofs repaired. There are also many less than ethical roofers traveling from all over the country to our storm-stricken city. There are many ways to avoid the scammers out there and to get a quality roof replacement at the most economical price. Our friends at NTRCA published a list of questions to ask a potential roofer. We thought we'd share some of these questions with you as well as our answers to these questions. For the full article visit

1. Are they in good standing with the Better Business Bureau?- Jesse's Roofing Service goes above and beyond to make sure we maintain an A+ rating with the Fort Worth BBB which can be viewed here

2. Where is the roofing company located? Is this roofing company local and registered to do business in your city? - Jesse's Roofing Services is registered with the City of Arlington to do business in Arlington and are locally owned and operated. We are involved in the Arlington- Proud to Call It Home organization. We were here before the storms and will be here afterward as well.
3. Is the roofer offering to “take care of” or “eat” your entire insurance deductible? -Jesse's Roofing Services will make every effort to assist our customers with their out of pocket costs HOWEVER If you read your insurance policy it clearly states that you are responsible for paying a portion of your claim; it’s called your “DEDUCTIBLE”. Often times unethical roofers will use inferior "seconds" or "defective" shingles to complete these jobs and help to make up this difference. This is not something we believe in at Jesse's Roofing Services. We offer a variety of options, specials, and in-house financing in order to provide our customers with the highest quality materials. Also, be aware that not paying your deductible is insurance fraud. You, as the insured, must understand you will be the one to face the legal and financial repercussions of committing such fraud.
4. Is the roofer claiming they are licensed?- In the state of Texas, there is no such thing as licensing for roofers. Therefore, we make no claim we are "licensed." The Texas Legislature is currently considering a licensing requirement for roofers and we would be 100% behind this because it would weed out the "fly-by-nighters" and out of town "storm chaser" roofers to provide a safer experience for all customers.

5. Is the roofer's bid significantly lower than all other competitors?- At Jesse's Roofing Services we believe the cost is only one factor in determining a quality roof. We have been in the roofing business in Arlington over 17 years and the only employee the highest quality roofers in our area. Hiring a substandard roofer using "seconds" or "defective" materials will only cost you more, in the end, to attempt to repair or salvage the substandard roof. We work hard to negotiate the best deals on materials and set fair and reasonable prices for labor in order to provide our customers with the highest quality customer service, top quality materials, and professional workmanship on every single project.

If you have more questions for us feel free to send Jesse an email at or give us a call at 682-323-5099. We will be glad to address any questions or concerns you have and schedule your no cost, no obligation roof inspection today.

Jesse's Roofing Services uses only the highest quality roofing materials on every job.  (No seconds or leftover materials)

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